Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sabbath days

Wow, it has been two months since I posted here. I had a bad case of depression and it took a lot out of me. It seems to be lifting, though. January usually does bring the beginings of the end of the seasonal depression.

I was thinking today about the because of things. Our Sunday School teacher asked us what we would miss if we took away The Book of Mormon from our religion. I stated that, flaws and all, I would miss me because almost everything I am and do is because of my faith and knowledge of the gospel. Without it, I would be someone else. And so with that, I am going to post a somewhat different "Because of You" post.

Because of my Savior, Jesus Christ, I can repent and try to right my wrongs.
Because of my Savior, I can be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today.
Because of Him, I can return to live with my Father in Heaven.
Because of Him, I can be with my family forever.
Because of Him, I will again be able to see my friend that died on New Year's Eve.
Because of Him, someday my pain will be gone and I will be able to understand why I went through it
Because of Him, I have 7 wonderful children
Because of Him, when I am sad or lonely or depressed, or in pain, I know that I can pray and ask for help. The help may not be the taking away of the pain, or sadness, but a giving of strength to help me make it through. And that is ok-- eventually.

So, thank You for giving me this knowledge and this life. I may not always like it or appreciate it, but, because of You, it will be ok.


Shellie said...

That made me cry! I feel the same. Sorry for your loss and depression, the last 6 months I have been slowly getting out of a major case of burnout, and my kids suffer from depression so I know how icky it can be. It's true God helps us through the hard times when we ask for help.

Anna Maria Junus said...

The other day I was talking with my children about super powers. If you could have two superpowers what would they be. I said I wanted to fly and travel through time.

My 19 year old said "No, that wouldn't be good. Then you would go back to your former self and tell yourself not to marry the jerk and then I wouldn't be here."

Scary thought. Knowing all I know now, would I give up my kids to have lived a better life?

I couldn't do that.

the pink report said...

We were asked the same question, of course, and it was one of those obvious questions you wonder why anyone ever asks because we all know the pat answers. But you just answered that question with more sincerity and poetry than I've ever heard used before.

I'm so glad that two young dudes knocked on my door 11 and 1/2 years ago. They annoyed a lot of people to get to me and thank God they did.